04 / 01 / 2020 Cumartesi
Sami Baha & Papa Roncalli

Sami Baha

Sami Baha is a Turkish producer based in South East London. His music was introduced to the world via his 2016 EP ‘Mavericks’(Planet MU). While his first record was focused around a more familiar trap based hiphop sound, ‘Free For All’expands it’s range into more unfamiliar territory and also brings his production into focus by featuring a number of MCs from all corners of the globe. After touring UK and Europe, he made a guest-mix for BBC, secured a residency at Rinse FM , released a collaboration with Native Instruments and continue to work on new music, collaborating with exciting artists around the globe.
Musically, Sami’s production is refined and elegant, familiar trops are reassembled original ways the instrumentation reflecting his background and influences simultaneously. Everything Sami brings to the album sounds relaxed and minimal, but though, built from thoughtful arrangements and instruments, shot through with emotion and a dreamy night-time feel.


Yerli ve yabancı sanatçıların çalışmalarını farklı sosyal medya platformları aracılığıyla paylaşmaya çalışan PapaRoncalli, oldschool hip-hop’dan r&b’ye, grime'dan trap'e kadar geniş seçkisiyle arkaoda kabininde.